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Delivering Cloud Technology

Moving your organisation to the cloud is usually a great strategy, but also one that requires long-term thinking and knowledge

We have a holistic view of  delivering cloud solutions. From infrastructure and service development to support and change management, we take responsibility for making sure no loose ends are left untied when you finish your move.

Our delivery model ensures a strategic usage of our services and does not require any prerequisites or commitments. In short, we help you get from where you currently are to where you want to go, for as long as is required. No matter where your organisation currently is in what we see as a loop, you can enter or exit at any point.


Explore your current situation – pre-studies and cloud readiness

In the Explore phase we work with you to find out your requirements and business specific needs. Our cloud specialists do cloud readiness assessments, work out cloud strategy, and create solution specific pre-studies.

Transform your business – implementation and change management

In the phase of Transformation we lead you through the deployment and implementation of the solution, we also see to change management and technical lead.

Use your solution – trainings, meet-ups and support

Congratulations! You are now in the Use phase and take advantage of your solution every day. We want to be your trusted adviser and a source of inspiration and knowledge. In this phase we provide open and closed trainings, hosted customer meetings, as well as offer support for certain solutions.

Improve – customize and integrate your solution

Our solutions offer innovative platforms for improvements of business work processes and collaboration. Are you ready to take the next step with integrations and customizations? Our specialists can get you there.

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Avalon Berghs

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Customer Success Services

Avalon Solutions provides Google’s approved Customer Success Services (CSS) for Google Apps. For a company to deliver CSS, it must be a Google Apps Premier Reseller and be able to deliver a high standard of support and advisory services for Google Apps. Avalon Solutions is one of few selected Google Apps resellers worldwide that can offer CSS programme in the support agreement.

Our support offer provides proactive communication as well as second-line support, advice and consultancy.

Sharing the knowledge

As partner to us you get access to support and training from our experienced cloud experts. They are people with years of experience with integrating cloud services into the organisational flow of our clients.

We regularly where you can see interesting talks and meet like-minded people. We also present both free and closed webinars with introductions and training. Feel free to view upcoming events or contact us for personal discussions.

Upcoming Cloud Events

Our preferred partners

A key to successful usage of cloud services is to select great service providers. Not only do they need to deliver a good product or suite of products, they also need to work in symbiosis with other cloud services as well as old-fashioned software. We make sure that the partners we choose will work in your favour without causing problems in your current organisation.

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