Bonnier TidskrifterA Success Story

Bonnier Tidskrifter AB, a leading Swedish magazine publisher, replaced their on-premise Microsoft Exchange solution with the cloud-based Google Apps for Business. Support for Apple, collaboration tools and a smooth migration made the decision easy for Bonnier Tidskrifter.




Bonnier Tidskrifter had experienced several incidents with their current installation of MS Exchange. During the autumn 2009 they started to look for a new email solution.

Anticipating that email would be provided as a cloud service in a near future Bonnier Tidskrifter compared the solutions of Microsoft and Google and found Google’s much more mature.

“The choice stood between a hosted MS Exchange 2010 solution and a cloud based Google Apps Premier Edition”, said Renée Kiebler, IT-manager at Bonnier Tidskrifter.

Bonnier Tidskrifter chose Google Apps for several reasons. One of the most important was that the migration from MS Exchange to Google Apps turned out to be much easier than to upgrade MS Exchange 2010.

Some of the key reasons Bonnier Tidskrifter chose Google Apps were:

  • Support of Apple computers, and independent platform support
  • Collaborative tools like file sharing and editing, video calls, chat and more
  • File storage and drop area for files
  • Granular access control
  • Migration without disturbing the business, step by step implementation 

Life for Bonnier Tidskrifter with Google Apps today

It has been five years since Bonnier Tidskrifter chose Google Apps as their email solution provider, a decision they do not regret. Being able to “work the way you live”, in the sense that Google Apps services are available and look the same on any device from any location, is one of the wins.

Bonnier Tidskrifter has highly mobile users and works with many freelancers. To be able to create a document, instantly share it with exactly the people you want and collaborate in it, without having to contact IT department or send emails, is another win.

The ability to have “face to face” meetings via Hangouts and create websites with Sites or employee presentations in Google+ are other features a modern organisation like Bonnier Tidskrifter appreciates.

And with the huge mailbox the users no longer have to spend time on cleaning up their mailboxes

“Our users see it as a great advantage to have access to all their email and not just the ones that fit in a limited mailbox, which was previously the case”, says Renée Kiebler.

Wins for Bonnier Tidskrifter with Google Apps

  • Cost efficiency
  • High uptime
  • Large file storage
  • Keeps operative tasks to a minimum – IT department can focus on developing the IT environment and support the business
  • Increased collaboration
  • Work from anywhere from any device.
  • Ability to drop files to storage
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Fun tools like Hangout chat and video, Sites, Google+ and more