Eniro found a cost efficient and modern solution in Google Apps

In 2013, Eniro ended their on premise Microsoft Exchange solution and went Google. Eniro looked for a cost efficient and flexible platform to support their organisation. Eniro wanted a solution that would enhance collaboration between the employees on their different offices that are spread over five countries.


Prior to the change, Avalon Solutions worked with Eniro and made an in-depth research consisting of pre-study followed by a proof of concept. The executive report that was provided showed a great set of wins for Eniro with Google Apps, and the decision was made.

Besides the evaluation of Google Apps, Avalon Innovation also got the confidence of performing the rollout and migration of Eniro’s 4.000 users.

Eniro’s employees embraced the solution and its benefits, and soon started to collaborate in documents, sharing knowledge and information, and use hangouts for chat and video meetings. All on one platform.

Avalon Solutions continues to work closely with Eniro, a mutually favorable collaboration to share knowledge and opportunities of cloud services.

“We are very pleased with the choice of Google Apps. It has resulted in great cultural benefits in terms of collaboration and productivity. Having our sales force up to date with all our offerings have made us more efficient and our sales team more confident with customers.” says Fredrik Nygren, Head of IT Operation, Eniro. “This is a solution that saves the company money, and at the same time enhances productivity and collaboration amongst our users.”


About Eniro: Eniro is a leading search company in the media industry, with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. In 2013, 80 percent of the company’s revenues derived from digital media (excluding directory assistance services). The company specializes in local search and Eniro’s well-known brands, products and services create user value for a vast number of users each day.