Learn how to prevent data loss in Gmail from this article by Jimmy Jigmo, Regional Manager at Avalon Solutions

Google started offering Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capability for its Google Apps Unlimited customers in December 2015, enabling admins to set policies so that users can’t send or forward e-mail with certain types of information based on predefined sets of words, phrases, text patterns, or numerical patterns, such as social security numbers.

Since then Google has upgraded the DLP feature list adding support for scanned documents using optical character recognition (OCR), predefined content detectors and support for new parameters. Specifically, the new OCR ability can extract text from scanned images and use DLP from the administrators console at an organisational unit level to set content compliance and set rules for objectionable information. The new detectors can be set to discover personally identifiable information and data types that would fall under HIPAA rules.

A few weeks ago in their latest release, added several new Personally Identifiable Information (PII) predefined detectors like CURP Code and Passport Numbers to enhance your DLP for Gmail solutions, and since DLP is only available for Google Apps Unlimited customers, so its time to upgrade your current subscription.

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June 14 LinkedIn article by Jimmy Jigmo, Regional Manager at Avalon Solutions