Employee testimonial: Shirin Dalin – Project & Change Manager

Shirin Dalin facilitates change for organisations


Shirin Dalin Avalon Solutions

Home: Stockholm, Sweden

Joined Avalon: 1/3-2015

Title: Project & Change Manager

Primary job responsibilities

Project lead implementations at customers
Facilitate change.

When a company implement a new solution it is not only a change of tools and systems, but also of work processes that will affect people in the organisation. I consider a project successful once the end users use the system, not just after the new solution has been rolled out. My job is to help everyone within the organisation accept the change.

Three things I do in a day’s work

  1. Gather information about companies and interview stakeholders from different parts of customers businesses
  2. Follow up project progress with everyone in the project team, and report to the steering committee
  3. Act as an adviser to the customers when it comes to change management

What I love most about my job

The interaction with customers and colleagues
To see progress of projects moving ahead
To work toward goals that can be measured

Latest accomplishment

Helped a customer gather information to create a strong business case
Acted change lead for a large organisation

What others can’t tell just by looking at me

For seven years I had my own business within skin care running two shops in Stockholm.