Google Apps will serve as cloud vision take off for Flen municipality

As one of the first municipalities, after DI gave a green light, Flen have implemented Google Apps for their administration and schools. This is a kick-start to realize Flen’s vision of a 100 % cloud based IT environment.

– Our municipality cannot afford to be locked into old technology that does not support hybrid cloud solutions, or be locked into agreements that are difficult to terminate. Our vision is to move everything to the cloud within 3-5 years, and this is the first step to a modern and secure infrastructure, says Urban Bertling, IT-Manager at Flens kommun.

– We are incredibly happy to be a partner in Flens’ journey towards a modern cloud based IT. We already see what a catalyst for innovation Google Apps is for the municipality. We see this at all the organisations that go Google, regardless what sector or industry they are in, says Ronald Haagensen, Business Development Director at Avalon Solutions.Roblox Hack Free Robux

– Organisations within public sector in Sweden and Norway are exchanging their current solutions to more modern cloud based tools. Many of them have been trapped in agreements with Microsoft for years. Considering the increase of interest we see in Google Apps, we are certain many more will follow shortly. What makes Google Apps a choice over its competitors are the solutions built for cloud collaboration and teams, that are easily administered and give plenty of worth for its money, says Alexander Popovic, Sales Director at Avalon Solutions.

Welcome to contact Ronald Haagensen, to learn more about how Google Apps can transform your organisation.

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