Stories from the Polish Innovation Forum, Gdynia

Joanna Kowal Avalon Solutions

Avalon Solutions as Premier Google Apps for Work Partner had the opportunity to take part in Polish Innovation Forum, which took place in Gdynia. Our Country Manager, Joanna Kowal was interviewed on what impact innovations have on business in the world today.


Innovations are extremely important for every company that seeks further development.

Nowadays, innovativeness is being driven by social growth, which is the ability to cooperate and share information. However, we need to become aware of any threats that could potentially occur on a path to new innovations.

Such threats may result from the following:

  • limitation of Z generation in sharing ideas
  • existing hierarchies within organizations
  • lack of transparent communication
  • lack of culture of sharing


Before a company makes a decision to implement the innovation, it should really think about the strategy and what kind of changes are needed for further development.

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