Powertools organizes your Drive

Powertools was developed to enhance efficiency, control and collaboration in Google Drive

Created for Google Drive, Powertools adds a layer of structure and control over Drive enhancing it to a document management system tailored to your business focuses. Furthermore, Powertools helps make sure documents are shared with the right people, and that your company’s files are secure.



Features of Powertools

Document Management – add structure to your Drive and improve document organization and management

Secure Workspaces – create dedicated workspaces for teams and projects within Google Drive

Document Portal – design your own content portals that sync to select workspaces in your Google Drive


“Avalon Solutions cares about what is creating value to end users and IT stakeholders. This customer centric approach is key for us, since we’ve been building Powertools for Google Drive as an easy to use solution to create immediate value to business and IT people.” – Marshall Wilson, Partnerships Director PowerTools


 Watch this video to learn more about Powertools


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