BetterCloud – IT in control

There are many tasks handled by the IT department. BetterCloud helps put IT in control by providing tools for Data Discovery, Security Automation, User Lifecycle, and IT Automation.

BetterCloud is purpose-built for SaaS applications and adds value to Google Apps administrators around the world. Time saving and increased level of control are some of the most commonly witnessed benefits.


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BetterCloud provides tools and automated flows for:

  • User Lifecycle Management – including Onboarding & Offboarding, Lifecycle Management, Access Management and Email Settings
  • Data discovery – including Monitoring & Alerting, Auditing & Discovery and Remediation
  • Security Automation – including Collaboration policies, Data Access policies, DLP policies and Incident Response
  • IT Automation – including Email Settings policies, Scheduled Reporting, Onboarding & Offboarding Workflows and Lifecycle Management Workflows.

“BetterCloud has been one of our oldest and closest partners, their vision for the role of IT and automation are aligned with our customers’ needs.”
-Kevin Liu, Partner Manager at Avalon Solutions.

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A peak inside BetterCloud Domain Health and Insight Center




Avalon Solutions is a full-scale cloud partner, and we are always striving to find the most innovative cloud solutions on the market. Contact us to discuss how BetterCloud can help your company.