Chromebox for Meetings

Make meetings, and collaboration easier for your company with Chromebox for Meetings – a video conference system from Google for Work

We have a great solution for your company that can replace or support your existing video conference system solution. Chromebox for Meetings is created by Google for Work to make meeting experience better for everyone. From any device. And at a low cost.


Polygon is one of our customers that choose Chromebox for Meetings to make meetings, and collaboration easier for their co-workers around the globe.

Ronald Haagensen, Business Development Director at Avalon Solutions can tell you more about how companies use Chromebox for Meetings, for instance integrated with signage solutions. Send him an email, to start the discussion:

You can find technical details and basic pricing here: Google for Work Chromebox for Meetings

Chromebox for Meetings is now available also to companies that are not Google Apps for Work users.