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Close deals faster with DocuSign – a digital transaction management system

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Are you still printing and signing documents? Implemeting a digital transaction management system in your organisation will save colleagues, partners and customers time and money. Furthermore it will help you fullfil your vision of a truly paperless office.

Companies witness how DocuSign has helped them lower lead time on closing deals and signing important agreements.

DocuSign’s solution is easy to use and deploy, it is safe and legally binding.

DocuSign can be integrated with many systems, such as for instance Salesforce CRM, where you can create a workflow of signings necessary for different types of documents.


From where can I access DocuSign?

You can access DocuSign from any device.

How secure is DocuSign?

Thanks to encrypted traffic and regular backups your data is always secure from being lost or from being viewed by unauthorized persons. You are also free to choose a level of authorization and encryption suitable to your documents.

Are documents signed by eSignature legally binding?

Yes, electronic signatures are valid and legally binding. Furthermore DocuSign provides audit trails, so you will be able to prove when the document was signed, and by whom.


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