Universe – Intranet for Google Suite

Universe is a Corporate Intranet and Team Collaboration tool created to gather all enterprise communication and collaboration on one platform. It is created for Google Suite, using the tools you already have.


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Universe is a social intranet that lets you take full advantage of your Google Cloud installation by adding the value of bringing everything you need to collaborate and communicate together on one platform.

Some of the features of Universe let you:

  • Create specific workspaces for teams, to consolidate information on projects
  • Gather and showcase employee information, making it easy to spread and find corporate announcements, HR and marketing material
  • This social intranet also supports social flows of information that can be shared securely with specific teams or groups


A boosted sense of context and unity for the employees, and a platform for teams to cooperate more efficiently, are some of the key benefits of Universe. Avalon Solutions is experienced in helping organisations find, implement, and tailor innovative cloud solutions. Google enhances collaboration and communication in any organisation, and Universe takes it one step further.

“Universe is the one tab to rule them all. Save time with everything you need in one workspace.”
-Kevin Liu, Partner Manager at Avalon Solutions

Watch this video to get an idea of what Universe could bring your organisation.

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