Employee testimonial: Karl Wirén – Cloud Deployment Specialist

Working @ Avalon Solutions, by Karl Wirén

Home office: Stockholm, Sweden

Title: Cloud Deployment Specialist

Joined Avalon: 2013

Kalle IMG_20150925_125805

Primary job responsibilities

Deploy, configure, and migrate our customers to Google Apps for Work. Including configuration and migration, mobile deployment and access, API expertise, planning, managing and troubleshooting Google Apps deployments.

Three things I do in a day’s work

  1. Check my inbox and social channels for analyzing trends and be up-to-date within cloud technology and in particular what’s happening in the Google world.
  2. Configure and Migrate customers environment in various rollout projects.
  3. Lead and participate in Technical Workshop and Trainings, leading the tech part in our projects, helping customers going Google find the best technical path to go.

What I love most about my job

Being able to work with the newest and most innovative technology. I have the benefit to work really close to Google which shares my personal belief about innovative technology and culture. Touching new subjects every day, trying new stuff, concepts and the travel around the world. And of course my team at avalon the cloud team. There is not a day without laughter and fun things happening.

Latest accomplishment

Launching a database integration to Google Spreadsheet, a lot of our customers still have legacy systems that needs to be working seamlessly with products within their new collaborative platform such as Google Drive, Spreadsheets and Sites. In this case we helped the customer to work with their original data but within Google Spreadsheet, making it more easy to share and work collaborative, but still with the exact same data from the legacy system.

What others can’t tell just by looking at me

I’m a gamer and  I’m following the gaming community for Counter-Strike. Watching tournaments like Dreamhack and ESL. My favorite team is the Swedish NiP Ninjas in Pyjamas, where some members are former classmates to me. Im following the Twitch.tv streams daily and just following along in the growing E-sport communities.