What Does a Great Google Intranet Look Like?

When we talk to customers about Universe, we often refer to it as the “one tab to rule them all,” because it brings together people, their content, and their conversations onto a single platform. This combination makes Universe an intranet platform for the Google environment that’s hard to beat.

Universe Interface

In modern enterprises, people face tremendous challenges not only with the sheer volume of information at their disposal, but also with the number of different locations where this information is stored. It’s common for employees to have to spend a significant proportion of their working day sifting through files and folders, and flipping between file managers, chat tools, news portals, and employee directories to find what they need. Why not gather these resources on a single unified platform?

A central social hub for collaboration

Universe offers a wealth of social features that help employees make more efficient use of their time, collaborate on projects, and spend less time on email. Channels are where the work gets done, and they can be set up for regional front lines, specific teams, or even individual projects.

With communication and file sharing centralized into a single online space, information is easy to find, discussions are confined to one place, and everyone can keep track of what’s going on. Company-wide channels are perfect for disseminating key top-down communications while simultaneously giving employees the opportunity to add their comments and get their voices heard.

Easy and intuitive content management

Your intranet is only as good as the information you publish on it, so creating and managing your content should be as easy and intuitive as possible. With Universe’s built-in Pages CMS you can use ready-made templates, handy widgets, and a wide variety of styling options to develop attractive and engaging intranet pages. Pages also allows you to leverage existing content from elsewhere in the platform. For example, a team-specific page can include widgets for a dedicated discussion feed from the team’s Channel, a Google Drive folder to provide quick access to important team documents, and employee contact cards to make it easy to get in touch with team members.

Spend less time searching and more time connecting

You want your intranet to be a one-stop-shop for employees when they’re searching for something. And you can bet that in large organizations, more often than not people are looking for other people. Universe’s People section saves you time by allowing you to search by skills as well as by name. Personnel contact cards have everyone’s essential information, including the person’s position in the organizational hierarchy. Admins no longer need to keep user information updated in multiple places because the employee data in Universe comes straight from G Suite (formerly Google Apps).

Universe never stands still

The Universe platform is constantly evolving, with new and exciting integrations being added all the time. We’ll expand on some of these in our next blog post.

For more information, please contact sales to find out how Avalon Solutions can help you deploy Universe in your organization.