Why Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: the Story of Avalon Solutions and Universe

Avalons Solutions & Universe

We’ve been good friends and partners with the team at Universe for many years, working together to deploy G Suite implementations for customers across the Baltic region and Scandinavia.

When talking to our customers at Avalon Solutions, the same subject kept coming up again and again: how can we build an effective social intranet for our Google environment? Many customers had evaluated Google Sites and Google+, but they simply weren’t able to offer what they were looking for. This is where our partnership with Universe extended naturally beyond G Suite.

During discussions with customers, Universe had learned a lot about what enterprises were really looking for in an intranet and what employees needed to make their daily work easier and more productive. Armed with this valuable knowledge, the Universe team started to develop their own intranet platform that customers could test along the way.

This was the birth of the Universe platform, launched to much fanfare in March 2016 at the Google Teamwork conference in Las Vegas.

A prosperous partnership continues to blossom

Avalon Solutions’ Mats Randleff, VP of Cloud Solutions, and Aurora Jarre-Orneman, Head of Cloud Projects, were on hand at the launch to support the Universe team and celebrate their achievements. Upon their return, our existing customers were eager to see for themselves how Universe could help them get better value from their G Suite investments. There has also been tremendous interest from new G Suite customers in deploying Universe in parallel with the Google Cloud products.

Avalon Solutions’ continued commitment to Universe comes from the belief that their ambitions help fulfill our vision of the digital workplace of the future.

Together towards a bright future

As a strategic Universe partner, Avalon Solutions has always had a front row seat to the Universe roadmap. This symbiotic relationship gives our team and our customers an exclusive opportunity to help shape the development of new features through beta testing.

Deep knowledge of our customers’ environments helps us ensure that Universe deployments are smooth and timely. And with the Universe team supporting us, we can quickly address any issues that arise.

The recent launch of the new Universe Pages CMS extends the use cases for a well-integrated and deeply collaborative product. As Universe continues to extend its capabilities, Avalon Solutions is eager to see how the new innovations can bring even more value to our customers.

Over the next two weeks we’ll be delving deeper into Universe and revealing some exciting upcoming integrations that will introduce even more value-adding functionalities.

For more information, please contact sales to find out how Avalon Solutions can help you deploy Universe in your organization.